Become a Jedi at winning bets for First and Anytime Touchdowns, Goals, Baskets and Home Run Bets!

JediBets is the ultimate odds screener and +EV tool for only the most exciting markets in all of sports.

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JediBets Odds Screen Tool

YOLO Markets, but with a Mathematical Edge

Our unique implied probability approach to calculating value across markets that traditionally have none enables you to find a mathematical edge and get closing line value available nowhere else.

Instant Discord Alerts

Instant Alerts on Massive Value

The JediBets bot alerts our Discord community with the plays you need to hammer in the best bets in all of sports, every week. Plus, a community of absolute betting savages finding peak value across the most exciting props across all leagues.

Player Hover

The ONLY Tool with all of the best First/Anytime/Last TD/Goal/Basket/Home Run Markets across the most popular books

Ever notice how most odds for 'Anytime/First TD' are missing players, books, and games? That's because names like Ray-Ray McCloud III are stored in too many different variations in different books. We've got clean data which means all the data, books, and odds for all the best markets.

Update May 2024: New books added! Bovada, BetOnline, HardRock, SuperBook, & BetFred.

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